LaverdaForum - By far the best point of contact for other Laverda nutters would have to be LaverdaForum. It has morphed through a few locations over the years, but is now very well situated. There is a good mix of people on the forum, with a broad range of topics from the technical to the esoteric. Well worth a visit.

Eurospares Laverda Mailing List- Email-based list run by Michael Moore in the US since the late 90's.

ILOC Forum- I don't frequent this one (only so many hours in the day) but have heard it's pretty good. Not sure if you have to be a member of ILOC or not.

Zanelist- Yahoo groups site solely devoted to Zané Laverdas. Your first stop for hooking up with owners of the post-1992 bikes.


750SFC Register - Run by the world authority on these most desirable Laverdas, Marnix van der Schalk.

Breganze Motorcycles - In effect a relaunch of Laverda, in all but name.

Laverdamania - Website of Jean-Louis Olive, wonderful French enthusiast.

LaverdaMuseum Nederland - The world's biggest and best collection of Laverdas, a private museum operated by Cor Dees in the Netherlands. - Sigi Forster runs this great site devoted to the little Laverdas, includes technical manual downloads etc. As the name suggests, devoted to the "Little Twins", by Bob Dixon in the UK.

Team Werndl - Site of Willi Werndl from Bavaria. Cross between enthusiast site and race team site, a bit like here.


Breganzane-ICR - Of course, I better include my own site! Italian Classics Racing meets Breganzane.

The DAM Laverda - Greg Parish from Victoria successfully campaigned a 1200 Anniversary in the 80's and 90's and has recently re-started racing on a 180 Triple.

Laverda Corse- Team of Piero Laverda and others, a wide variety of machines competing in European Classic Endurance Racing and attending parades.

OzLaverda- Australian based team of Crispin Trueman and friends, racing a nuovo-Spaceframe and perhaps soon a Motodd Mk3.