Initially I wrote this history section in the late 90's, using material and information which I gathered from Laverda publications, magazine articles and discussions held with many Laverda identities up to and including Massimo Laverda himself.
This history presents a brief precis of the products from both Breganze and Zanè, until production of the 668 and 750 based bikes ceased in 2000.

The world has certainly turned. Nowadays the brand is viewed very differently to how it was in the late 90's. For the wider audience the most obvious change is that the Laverda factory - which was optimistically starting afresh in Zanè at that time - has well and truly passed into history. Even though the brand's official owners currently have no interest in restarting it, there are still those with the drive and passion to keep the marque going. We watch the current work by Breganze Motorcycles with interest, and wish them all the best.

The most significant change for the committed Laverda enthusiast occurred in 2005 when we lost the architect and father of the big Laverdas - Massimo. It was for me - and many others as well - a very sad and moving time, and some intangible and undefinable aspect of the brand vanished the day I heard that Massimo had passed away.

In recent times - whether we like it or not - Laverdas have passed into the "classic bike scene". The perception of the brand has changed from that of a brutish superbike, into an icon of the past. On the positive side, many guys who lusted after Laverdas back in the day are now finally able to afford that icon of their youth.

So too the popularity of historic bike racing is burgeoning (the biggest race meetings in Australia after MotoGP and World SBK are historic meetings!) and Laverdas are seen more and more out on track all over the world. Setting a fine example is none other than Piero Laverda and his son Giovanni, who compete with great success under the Laverda Corse banner. I think it's some sort of symbol of the enthusiasm that made Laverda different that now, thirty years later, one of the creators of these bikes is still actively involved and competing on the bike bearing his name.

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75cc 3CL Formula 2000