Most Laverda nutters would have twigged by now, but the term Breganzane is a fusion of the two town names in which Laverda motorcycles were created from 1947 until the end in 2000 when the brand was absorbed by a major corporate entity.

Of course it should actually read BreganZanè but I figured that would add a little too much keyboard complication for many people.

The two actual towns of Breganze and Zanè are separated by just 10km or so, the factory relocating there in about 1995 to a smaller and more modern facility. I visited the factory in 1998 and found that there was still the small company feeling about the place. I was welcomed as a friend and shown around pretty much every corner of the place. The bikes being produced were still directly traceable to the machines designed by Luciano Zen and the Laverda brothers. The last 750's to be produced in the year 2000 truly represented the end of the line.

I morphed the two town names together at their Z's and use it as my domain and "brand" of my particular direction in the Laverda scene.