I have been approached to make some CNC machined billet triple clamps for an SFC1000, as a fellow here snapped his originals in an accident and apparently no replacements are available.

The design is now at the point of going into a very limited production batch. Due to the cost of manufacture, I can only make enough for firm orders or for those who express a serious interest. I will not be doing another batch any time soon, so if you think you might want a set of these at some point, please let me know via the contact page asap (it is not a commitment to buy). It is not possible for me to just make half a dozen spares and hope they sell some day.

Specifics of the current proposal are that they will be a drop-in fit on Laverda SFC1000. The original steering stem and front axle will be able to be used. Fork offset will remain as per original, so your steering geometry will not change. At this stage they will be made to suit 41.7mm forks only, as I have not had expressions of interest for other sizes.

Please contact me via the link at the bottom of the page if you would like further info. Here are some renderings of what the finished items will look like, anodising can be in the colour of your choice, and engraving on the top as you wish.

Triple Clamps
Triple Clamps


Contact me via the link below for more details.