Breganzane has produced this tasty upgrade for the racing Laverda. Removal of your electrical system can save around 20kg on the typical race bike, including a lot of rotational mass from the crankshaft.

Breganzane Starter Plate

The starter motor, geartrain, sprag clutch, alternator rotor and stator and that hard-to-replace alternator cover are all removed and replaced with a very sturdy and crash-resistant billet machined plate and crank protector. A rotor attaches to the original crank taper and is driven by a starter unit similar to those used by drag race or MotoGP bikes. Pictured above is the prototype, made to suit Mk2 180 or 120, and is in use on Crispin Trueman's Spaceframe in the OzLaverda race team. Head over to their site to see it in action.

I will soon be doing a small run of these conversions. 750, 500 and Mk1 Triple conversions could be developed if anyone is interested. Contact me via the link below for more details.