750SFC - 11000 BATCH

Commenced in March 1972
Approximately 55 bikes, mainly built in 2 batches between 10762-10793 and 11078-11120.
As with all things SFC, the numbers are not conclusive, nor are all bikes between those numbers necessarily SFC's, or even ones outside that range not SFC's. They didn't make it easy!

SFC 11,000

A visually more refined machine than the 5 and 8000 batches, the most obvious change is the flush-fitting Carello headlight and under-the-engine exhaust system which improved the ground clearance. There was the choice of what has become known as the "pea shooter" megaphones for racing purposes, and chrome slash cut pipes for road use. Detail changes abounded including a revised swingarm, vee-shaped centre stand to allow for the new exhaust system, and a subtly different fairing and ducktail shape.

The pinnacle of the drum SFC development resulted in a sleek and stylish machine, an instant classic, but on the track the competition had caught the Laverda and the international wins were fewer and further between.