This site was kicked off in the very early days of the Internet, and was in fact the third Laverda-specific site on the web (after the ILOC site and the then-factory's site). It first appeared in 1996 under the name "Laverda In Australia Website", as a distraction while my then-only Laverda (the RGA) was off the road awaiting parts. The site has been online while the brand experienced a brief revival in Zanè followed by its final receivership, absorbed first by Aprilia and then Piaggio.

Meanwhile the renaissance of the marque in the historic scene means that there is still plenty to talk about, and this site aims to bring information to new and old owners alike. There is still something that keeps us riding and caring for these characterful old machines, and greatly enjoying hooking up with like minded souls whether it be online or in person.

Long may it continue, and I hope that this site may in some small way contribute to that.

Steve B