I might as well plug my own product... Ignitech is a Czech company making ignition control units for a broad range of bikes. They do require a somewhat higher level of mechanical/electrical competence, as they allow a lot more latitude than the systems mentioned below.
I have developed these systems for use with Laverda, and for those who wish to use this system I will be offering offer new pickup hardware for dispatch worldwide, as well as a full supply and installation service locally in NSW, Australia. As a totally programmable system, they are very flexible and offer several advantages, particularly for race machines. See my "Products" page for more info.

Elektro-Sachse / Redax:

A Laverda rider himself, Volker Sachse produces digital ignition systems for an amazing range of motorcycles, including every type of Laverda. Systems are available direct from Sachse at http://www.elektronik-sachse.de/index_en.htm
Sachse systems are distributed in Australia by Redax. Red also offers his own variation of the Mk1 180 system - an evolution of the IIS alternator upgrade built around the Sachse electronic components - a great upgrade for the early machines with the marginal charging system. You can reach him at redax@squirrel.com.au

Moto Witt / DMC:

The longest-established maker of aftermarket ignitions for Laverda - Moto Witt/DMC - has been making ignitions since the mid 80's. The unit has changed somewhat during those years and has proven itself over hundreds of thousands of kilometers use throughout the world. It is easily available from many parts suppliers, Wolfgang Haerter in Canada or Andy Wagner in Germany spring to mind, but check your local/favorite dealer.

Intelligent Ignition Systems (IIS):

An excellent system produced mainly in the late 90's / early 2000's by John Wilson - a one-man operation in Sth East Australia. Adding to the "normal" features found on other digital systems of the time, the IIS was extremely innovative - bringing features to the product that made setup and diagnostics very easy. John also developed the alternator system for the Mk1 180 triples that has been refined by Redax in their Sachse-based system.

Production remained the big problem with the IIS, as it always remained a hand-built product and could not be made in such a way as to be profitable. John made a mark with the IIS and really pushed the market forward with his original thinking.