Breganzane has been using Ignitech ignitions since 2007 when the first system was developed for the Italian Classics Racing SFC. It replaced a magneto and brought several advantages including weight saving, easy tuneability, a quickshifter and most importantly a rev limiter. The totally programmable nature of the system is perfect for the racebike situation where many parameters of engine control can be adjusted to suit the desired application. Extra features like flatshift, shiftlight, tuneable tacho output, PC-monitoring etc complete the package.

TCIP4The Ignitech is not available from the makers in a "kit form" - they service such a range of bikes that they simply recommend to re-use original pickups. I have developed my own new pickup systems to suit race 750's, Mk2 180/120 triples and 500's and all these have been tested in the heat of competition in both my own race SFC and also OzLaverda's Spaceframe and Montjuic race bikes.

These precision manufactured pickup systems will be available for people who wish to build up their own ignition system using components from Ignitech. I also hope to make available street 750 and Mk1 triple pickup systems in the coming months.

Alternatively, I offer a full supply and installation service in South-East NSW, and also a custom-build service for basically any imaginable motorcycle engine.

More details will be forthcoming when I am closer to finalising details, in the mean time please contact me via the link below to express an interest.