750SFC - 18000 BATCH

Produced February-June 1975 (approximately 130 bikes) and April 1976 (33 bikes), mostly between numbers 18280 and 18444.

The 18,000 batch - which unofficially became known as the "Electronica" in spite of this being neither Italian nor English - was the ultimate evolution of the Laverda 750. Carrying over a largely unchanged chassis from the 17,000, the Electronica (or to be more linguistically correct Elettronica) benefited from a greatly revised engine - a last hurrah for the big Laverda twin.

Although the new Bosch electronic ignition and the addition of an oil cooler were the most visible changes, the most important was the cylinder head. With different valve angles, rocker shaft positions and plug angles among other things, together with different pistons and a 6C cam, the engine gained a new lease on life and the last SFC was capable of surprising many supposedly superior machines of the day.

18000 750SFC