Chains seem to be like oil or tyres - where debate can circulate in a seemingly endless way, sometimes in the complete absence of any knowledge or understanding of the product. It should be understood that the brand alone is not a guarantee that the chain is suitable for use in an engine, as each manufacturer makes a range of chains for different applications that share the same basic dimensions.

Industrial vs Automotive

As stated above, there is difference between products intended for industrial use, and those built for the more demanding applications inside an engine. Plate and pin dimensions, metallurgy and surface treatments can all differ between two chains that look almost identical to the naked eye. There are also differences in construction - bush or roller chain - and the method of manufacture including the way the rollers are formed.

While a good quality industrial chain may perhaps do the job in your Laverda, particularly if not ridden hard, the price of the correct chain is fairly inconsequential in the bigger picture, so if easily available I figure there is no excuse not to use the best available product.

NOTE: Many thanks to Andy Forsdick for his expert advice on this topic and excellent service, he can be contacted via: http://www.the-chain-man.co.uk/

Chain Graphic