750SFC - 5000 BATCH

Commenced production approx May 1971
1st bike #5612
Built in very small numbers, perhaps a couple of dozen maximum, clumped in lots of 3-5 throughout the late 5000's.
Available almost exclusively to factory and appointed race teams only. This very first SFC is most easily recognised by the somewhat clumsy looking protruding headlight, side mounted very long megaphone exhaust system, wide centrestand and (generally) a Ceriani 230mm 4-leading-shoe front drum brake.

The engine retained the 80x74mm dimensions of the road bikes - as did all SFC's - but was very carefully prepared in the factory race shop. The cylinder head was quite different with larger valves and ports, mated to 36mm Amal Concentric Mk1 carburetors, basically serving as a prototype for the "big valve" SF head which would appear soon after. Compression ratio was 9.6:1, the camshaft a 2/c and a close ratio gearbox was employed.

The frame was broadly similar to the road going bikes, but had numerous detail differences. A hand beaten alloy tank was used with a fibreglass fairing and ducktail and steel sidecovers. The left sidecover had the somewhat bizarre opening to allow the very much simplified "ignition switch" (literally a plug and socket).

Quite literally this was a hand-built factory special, the rarest and to some the most desirable of all the SFC's. It was immediately successful on the track, winning it's debut race at Oss in 1971 and setting the tone for what would come.