750SFC - 17000 BATCH

Produced June/July 1974.
Approximately 100 bikes, between 17032 - 17207.
Essentially for the US-market.
Total production of 16/17,000 bikes - 222.

Very much the same as the 16,000, but built for the US market, with various modifications as required by the legislation there. They used Jota-type adjustable handlebars, normal production nippondenso instruments, switchgear, blinkers etc and the triple-style tail light. In spite of the somewhat less elegant appearance due to all the extra equipment, still the same beautiful and very capable machine.

In terms of racing, the SFC was now well and truly eclipsed by the Japanese multis, and there we no further significant victories on the international stage. The factory meanwhile had focused on the triple - soon enough with the Spaceframe - and this was where their development headed.