750SFC - 16000 BATCH

Built early 1974.
Approximate numbers 16720-16829 + a few around 16950.
A significantly revised model, the first of the disk brake bikes. The most obvious change was the new hydraulic disk brakes by Brembo, but perhaps the biggest change was the completely new frame, lower at the rear and with numerous other major differences to it's predecessors. 38mm Marzocchi forks replaced the drum machines 35mm Cerianis and a new swingarm was required by the rear disk brake.
The engine received a lighter crankshaft and more aggressive camshaft, along with various other detail improvements. The 2-2 exhaust was similar to the 11,000 machine aside from it's mounting arrangements, but a new 2-1 race megaphone, exiting on the left side, was also used.
The fairing was of the same shape but cut slightly differently to the 11,000, while a new slender and achingly beautiful fibreglass tank carried the fuel. New sidecovers unique to the SFC appeared and the seat and front guard were much the same as the 11,000 but for their mounting points. The front guard was notable in that it mounted to the forks simply by hose-clamps!

16000 750SFC