Breganzane - I hold a small stock of parts and do a sideline in servicing and the occasional rebuild. Located South-East NSW.

Club Laverda NSW - Wear and tear items like gaskets, sprockets, cables, and various other bits.

The DAM - Melbourne-based Laverda enthusiast Greg Parish offers parts and service for Laverdas.

Redax - Stocks a wide range of parts and can generally dispatch overnight when in the country. Also excellent engine rebuild services and accessories/improvements.


Wolfgang Haerter (Canada) - In my opinion the world's best Laverda parts dealer. Usually quick dispatch and very reasonable prices.

Piet Hermann (Germany) - Perhaps the most experienced full-time Laverda mechanic in the world, there seems to be nothing at all he does not know about these machines.

Tom Eatman (Cycledoctor) (Germany) - Down near the German/Austrian/Swiss border, Thomas is another great source for Laverda help.
Alte Saltzstrasse 24, 88171 Weiler-Simmerberg, + 49 8387 924154.

Orange Cycle Team (Germany) - Big Laverda enthusiasts from just South of Cologne.

Andy Wagner (Germany) - Characterful Laverda nutter from Konstanz. Great website with lots of info. Can be pricey though.

Wolfgang Huber (Austria) - Laverda parts and service near Linz. Wolfgang is a top bloke, speaks really good English so no problem to call from afar.

Riccardo Oro (Italy) - Second generation Moto Laverda employee, speaks some English, a good source for parts and also building a new museum just outside Breganze if you're in that neck of the woods. No website.
Oro Riccardo Concessionario Moto Laverda 36042 Breganze (VI) - 1, Via Dell' Industria tel: +39 445 873005

Giuseppe Andrighetto (Italy) - Proper Laverda man, worked on the factory racebikes back in the day. Fluent in Italian and motorcycling sign language only, so you'll need to brush up on your Italian before calling. Great guy to call in on if you're in Breganze (Maragnole is just a couple of km away).
Andrighetto Giuseppe Motofficina 36042 Maragnole (VI) - 3, Via S. Felice tel: +39 445 850259

3C Moto (Italy) - Guiliano Cogo holds most of the remaining Zanè era parts and also runs the excellent yearly meeting in Breganze.

Gijs Van Dijk (Holland) - High quality service and parts supply in Holland. Prepares a seriously fast racebike in European competition. No website, find him at:
van Dijk Motorhandel, Traay 173, 3971 GG Driebergen Rijsenburg, Ph: +31 (0)343 513958.

LaverdaScozia (Scotland) - Keith Nairn has an excellent reputation for very high quality work. Invested heavily in all of Phil Todd's stock and set up his own shop specialising in Laverda - a feat which is to be applauded.

Slaters (UK) - One time doyen of the brand in the UK, now ramping things down but still a good source of hard to find pieces.

Scott Potter (USA) - Scott is your best bet for Laverda work in the USA. Conveniently central in Texas.


Badge Replicas (Australia) - As the name suggests, replica badges, including Laverda.

Lionel Otto Instruments (Australia) - Instrument repairs and restorations, based in Qld. Reputed to do good work but sometimes have a long turnaround time.

NEW Ludi Boba (Serbia) - Specialising in replica Carbon Fibre bodywork for an increasing range of Laverda models. Fibreglass products available also.

NEW Moto Tumbi (Australia) - Replica bodywork for various makes of classic road and race bikes including Laverda. Conveniently located for Aussies as shipping large bodywork items can get expensive.

Vintage Connections (USA) - Original-type electrical connectors etc.