Breganzane's Steve B is a Mechanical Engineer and Fitter & Machinist with over 20 years of experience in scientific research and development. Taking a keen interest in 3D-CAD in the mid 90's, Steve introduced Solidworks to his workplace and has been using the software since. Small-scale and one-off designs, where complex systems of custom made parts must fit and work first time, are his speciality.

Motorcycles are Steve's hobby and passion. He therefore takes pride in functionality and design of his products bringing experience and attention to detail in all his work.

Some of the products of Steve's imagination can be seen on this site, and he is planning to offer some of the more production-friendly items here under the Breganzane banner. He is also always interested in technically challenging engineering, so if you think you have a requirement that nobody else can meet, chances are Breganzane can make it happen.

Breganzane Developments
Breganzane Triple Clamps
Breganzane Developments